Completed & In-Progress Quilts

There are 4 completed quilts in The Lynch Quilts Project series exploring the lynching from different angles, as well as 1 in an on-going status and 2 in active production as of April 2019. (Hint: Click photo see full picture of quilt!)

Her name was Laura Nelson
This is the very FIRST quilt in the series.

This quilt explores issues around gender violence and familial bonds as they relate to lynching.

Completed May 2004.

Size: 123.5" x 90.5" x 3"

Materials: Cotton fabric, machine pieced and hand quilted, donated fabric. glass beads. Community quilted.
Quilt II: RedRum Summer 1919
This quilt examines the human connection and relationships, both public and private, between those involved in lynching and racial violence - the victims, spectators, witnesses and accomplices.

Completed July 2014.

Size: 144" x 144" x 2"

Materials: Cotton, machine pieced and quilted. donated fabric. Quilted by Trish Williams.
Quilt III: A Partial Listing . . .
This quilt examines the stats on lynching, race riots and race related violence, which is often murky and incomplete, as it has unfolded over the past 100+years. Exploration of police shootings have now been incorporated into the quilt, as well as the data available by the Equal Justice Initiative which identified nearly 800 unknown lynchings. Quilted by Ruth Edwards.

Completed October 2017.

Size: 9.5' x 14.5' x 2"

Materials: Cotton fabric machine pieced and quilted. Donated fabric.
Quilt IV: Failed State (TBA)
This quilt explores explores the collision of rhetoric vs. reality around the principles, politics and ideological frameworks that encourage lynching and racial/ethnic violence to exist in America - past and present.

Completed November 2016.

Size: 131" x 132" x 2"

Materials: Cotton fabric, machine piece and quilted. Donated fabric. Quilted by Trish Williams.
The Making Quilt
This quilt is born from a dream of another on how to heal community.

Status: Actively in Progress
Quilt VI: Memoria: In Progress
This is a memorial project to the documented and undocumented victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States beginning in 1865.
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