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As I continue to work with/in the community, it is important to take note of those individuals, organizations and companies that have supported my endeavors through donation of their time,  effort, financial support and/or in-kind donations over the years.  The Lynch Quilts Project exists and lives because of the hands of the community. So many throughout the nation have breathed life into this project through their fabric donations, sewing/embroidery of blocks, sending their encouraging words, researching about this history and so much, much more. The Lynch Quilts Project is also suppored in part by grants from The Indiana Arts Commission, The Puffin Foundation, Creative Renewal Grant from The Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Quilt II,RedRum Summer 1919


Her Name Was Laura Nelson


This group of individuals were the first to join me on The Lynch Quilts Project journey. Nearly 14 years have passed since completing Quilt I, Her Name was Laura Nelson, and they are still here sewing, advising, supporting and bringing in new members steadily! Thank you!


Otis G. Grove

Arthur King

Marva King

Tamara T. LaVille  

Sharon Matthews

Juline McClinton

Margaret Robinson

​Pamela Tabor

Alexine Taylor 

Patricia M. Williams

And an extra special thanks to Otis Grove for his tireless effort to promot the project and support me in any facet imaginable to bringing this work to completion. And Pamela E. Tabor for the many hours she dedicated to the project and in teaching me the fine art of hand quilting. 


The Chicago Historical Society and Luciana Crovato and Russell Lewis for providing meeting space for our group to quilt and film during the last 9-months of the creation of  Her Name was Laura Nelson. 


For basic overall assistance and/or support for the project: Marian Hayes, Douglas Houston, Preston Jackson, Mary Jane Jacobs, Carolyn Ottmers, and Kymberly Pinder.


And finally, an extra special thanks to the many individuals from across the nation that spread the word about this project to their communities and contributed fabric and clothing for the creation of the quilts in this series.

Idamarie Collazo

Indiana Arts Commission
Indianapolis Public Library

Otis Grove 

Marian Hayes (R.I.P.)
D. Del Reverda-Jennings 
Preston Jackson
Malina Jeffers
Stuart Keeler
Barbara Koenen

Patricia Koger 

Shauta Marsh

Puffin Foundation
Marilyn Michele Kunkel
Viola M. Ratcliff

Traci Hopkins Rodney
Charles Russ
Veronica Schwartz DeFazio
Larry Walker

Jim Walker

General Support

M. Eliza Hamilton Abegunde
Gabriel Akagawa
Arts Council of Indianapolis
Bashiri and Uzuri Asad 
LaTanya S. Autry

Alice Berry
Luiz Andre Bispo de Jesus
Carla Crowe
Chicago Historical Society

Garfield Parks Art Center

Quilt II: RedRum Summer 1919

6 Unnamed Blocks

Anita Scott

Annette Smith

Bambi Alridge

Betty Fierson

Betty Phillips

Chris Worland

Christina Rice

Erma Johnson

Fredi Slaughter

Gloria Ivey

Jeanne Chaney

Kamau Foluke

Kate Fleming

Kelly Bedard (MSU)

Kimberly Dupree

Leslie Meier

Linda Cadore

Linda Parker

Marva King

Michigian State Student Quilters

Nathalie Dixon

Olevia Cooper

Otis Grove

Rosalind Wilson

Ruth Edwards

Sara Botruff

Shelia Bell

Tasha Griggs

Trish Williams

Quilt III: A Partial Listing

Shelley Botts

Carol Brown

Ruth Edwards

Ayize Hanif

Kianga Jinaki

Cordelia Jones

Caroly Lyles Shaw

Daren Redman

Pamela Tabor

Kadeidra Ward

Madison Ward

Quilt IV: Failed State (TBA)

31 Unnamed Blocks

Alexine Taylor

Anita Scott

Ann Horton

Betty Dandridge

Betty Phillips

Betty Waters

Cheryl Tolbert

Christine Eberts

Christine Rice

Cindy Eberts

Cynthia Shade

Cynthia Varnado

Denise Smith

Doris M. Barnes

Dorothy Green

Ella Stringfellow

Ethel Warren

Francine Landrum

Gwen McGee

Jean Cobb

Jeanne Chaney

Joyce Trice

Julia White

Kara Jarrett

Kathy Maskall

Kay Marsh

LaSheral Smith

Laverne Nichols

Lettie Hobbs

Linda Asbury

Loretta Pope

Lorraine Little

Louise Dilden

Marelyn Poepeshel

Margaret Robinson

Marva King

Merrill Warfield

Nanette Brown

Natalie Dixon

Natalie Molnar (MSU)

Nathalie Dixon

Nettie Hobbs

Nettie Nesbary

Olevia Cooper

Ora Frierson

Otis Grove

Pam Potter

Pamela Tabor

Ramona Lindsey

Rena Atkinson

Reneau Diallo


Rosalind Wilson

Rosemary Chrestenson

Ruby Johnson

Ruby L. Black

Ruth Edwards

Sandra Smith

Sharon Mathews & California Quilters

Sheila B.

Shelia Bell

Shelia McPhan

SR Dukes

Susan Trice

Tonya Shelton

Trish Williams


Verna Gordon

Vivian Johnson

Wanda Hanson

Yolanda Muhammad

Quilt VII: Lawrence and His Sisters

Al & Stephanie Thomas

Angela Moore

Arlene Harman

Barbara Willingham

Carolyn Sherer: In honor of the Coleman Family

Christopher Schell and Griffin

Cynthia Carmichael

Dolores Weatherspoon

Ellen W. Johnson

Emily Levitan

Esperance Uwayirege-Taylor

Grey Robinson

Haruyo Miyagawa

Jacqueline Johnson

Jaylah Cosby

Joel Dickerson

Judy Roye: Women’s work never done

KK & Jan Sharpe

Kymberly Pinder

Lillis Taylor

McTavish Quilting


Roberta Jones

Quilters of Color Network in New York

Sonya Muhammad


Tammy Davis
(The Experience Sadden that our children are not seen as children. We can never love them enough.)

Viola Ratcliffe

(Burgundy is from husband’s shirt. Green from grandmother’s dress.)

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