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Get Involved!

There are five primary methods to continue to help support The Lynch Quilts Project, including:


  • Donate your TIME to make quilts, spread the word or research;

  • ADVOCACY is the most direct method of getting the word out about The Lynch Quilts Project and helping to generate those difficult, but necessary discussions in the community. Speaking this truth to others is paramount to advocacy. This can be accomplished and approached from various angles such as wearing a LQP t-shirt to simply displaying a postcard on your desk at work. You can place brochures in libraries and on tables at the coffee shop. Ultimately, the more the community knows about it, the more aware individuals are about this history.

  • Make IN-KIND donations of materials and supplies such as fabric, old sewing machines, thread, quilting supplies, etc.

  •  Make a FINANCIAL contribution to support purchasing of supplies, workshops, exhibition costs, etc. Click here to donate.

  • Help FUNDRAISE to off-set costs of exhibition of The Lynch Quilts Project in your community. Not only is this a great way to support the Project, but it also helps raise awareness and support in your community. Click here to learn more.

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