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Project FAQ's

What is The Lynch Quilts Project?

In a nutshell, The Lynch Quilts Project  © 2002 is a community-based project
developed by artist LaShawnda Crowe Storm, which explores the history and ramifications of ethnic and racial violence in the U.S., especially lynching, through the textile tradition of quilting.  Individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds contribute to the project to make it happen. Starting with just 10 volunteers from the Needles and Thread Quilters Quilt Guild in Chicago, a 16+ years later and dozens have participated and thousands encountered the project.


How many quilts are in the series?

There are a total of 8 quilts in the series (and counting). Series I includes the original 6 quilts which explore lynching from a variety of perspectives (gender, politics, healing, memory, etc.). In 2014, Series 2 started to emerge in response to community dialogues around rising police violence, mass incarceration and overall increase in anti-black racism in the public sphere, which produced two additional quilts thus far. 


Quilt I, Her Name was Laura Nelson, completed in 2004, explores gender issues in lynching.


Quilt II, RedRum Summer 1919, completed in 2014, examines the human connection and relationships, both public and private, between those involved in lynching and racial violence - the victims, by-standers, spectators and perpetrators.


Quilt III, A Partial Listing, completed in 2017, examines the statistical data on lynching and racial violence, which is often murky and incomplete, as it has unfolded over the past 100+years.


Quilt IV, Failed State (TBA), completed in 2016, explores juxtaposition where American history , ideology and rhetoric collides with reality. 


Quilt V, The Making Quilt, explores the communal aspect of healing after this tragedy.


Quilt VI, Memoria: In Progress, is a memorial project to those actual victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States beginning in 1865. This is an on-going project that has been presented since 2010.


Quilt VII, The Ties that Bind, This quilt explores the intricate connections of oppression faced by black, red and brown peoples as they encounter racialized oppression, police violence and the prison industrial complex. This quilt explores more than just the impact of white supremacy and state violence, but how these histories of oppression have existed between the these groups as well, and must be healed in order for true unity to flourish between red, black and brown peoples.

Quilt VII, Angles in America: Boyhood in Red, White and Blueexplores the collision course of state violence and black boyhood. Sensitive issues as we working directly with families of victims of violence. 

Quilt IX, Sampling Justice, is a sampler quilt constructed from all the remaining pieces of fabric and donations from The Lynch Quilts Project. It will be the last quilt in the series.


Who can participate on the Project?

EVERYONE! Novice to experts quilters. Black, brown, red, yellow and white or somewhere in between. This is our history and we must reclaim and heal it! Please join us on the journey.

Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to participate.

  • Sew quilts! Novice or expert! All are welcome!

  • Learn about the history in your community and let us know.

  • Exhibition opportunities in your community. 

  • Donate supplies or monetary gifts. Unfortunately we cannot provide a tax deductible at this time.

More Questions?

  • Reach out via the contact page and we will be happy to answer your questions

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