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The Quilts

There are 9 (six) quilts in The Lynch Quilts Project series exploring the lynching phenonmenon from several angles. (Hint: Click photo see full picture of quilt!)

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt I: Her Name Was Laura Nelson


Theme: This quilt explores gender issues as they relate to lynching.

Description: Completed May 2004,  128.5" x 90.5". Machine pieced, hand quilted, donated fabric, glass beads.

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt III: A Partial Listing


Theme: This quilt examines examines the statistical data on lynching and racial violence, which is often murky and incomplete, as it has unfolded over the past 100+years. Exploration of Mass Incarceration and victims of police shootings have now been incorporated into the quilt.

Description: Completed November 2017, 174" x 117. Machine pieced and quilted, cotton fabric.

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt V: The Making Quilt


Theme: This quilt explores the communal aspect of healing after tragedy. In essence, how do we make it better?


Status: In progress. 


The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt VIII: Angles in America

Theme: This quilt explores the collision course of state violence and black boyhood. In this quilt we explore the story of Lawrence / LD Nelson and other young black boys.


Status: In progress. Images are still forming.

The Lynch Quilts Project
The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt II: RedRum Summer 1919


Theme: This quilt examines the human connection and relationships, both public and private, between those involved in lynching and racial violence - the victims, spectators, witnesses and accomplices.


Description: Completed June 2014, 144.5" x 144.5". Machine pieced and quilted, donated fabric.


The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt IV: Failed State, To Be Determined


Theme: This quilt explores the paradox of theory vs. reality in terms of the politics and ideological framework concerning the larger context in which lynching and racial/ethnic violence began and continues to exist in America.

Description: Completed October 2016, 132" x 131. Machine pieced and quilted, cotton fabric, glass beads, shells.

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt VI: Memoria: In Progress


Theme: On-going.This is a memorial project to the documented and undocumented victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States beginning in 1865. 


Status: On going installation. Please contact here in order to schedule an exhibition your community. Adaptable for space and 


The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt VII: The Ties that Bind

Theme: This quilt explores the complex history between black, brown and red communities, as well as how healing these histories can be used as a vehicle for collective healing and collective power to fight the current and continual systems of racial inequity, injustice and oppression experienced by these communities. 


Status: In Progress.



Quilt IX: Fragments


Theme: This is a sampler quilt constructed from the "leftover pieces" remaining from the production of the other quilts in the series.


Status: In progress.

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