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The Quilts

There are 9 (six) quilts in The Lynch Quilts Project series exploring the lynching phenonmenon from several angles. (Hint: Click photo see full picture of quilt!)

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt I: Her Name Was Laura Nelson


Theme: This quilt explores gender issues as they relate to lynching.

Description: Completed May 2004,  128.5" x 90.5". Machine pieced, hand quilted, donated fabric, glass beads.

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt II: RedRum Summer 1919


Theme: This quilt examines the human connection and relationships, both public and private, between those involved in lynching and racial violence - the victims, spectators, witnesses and accomplices.


Description: Completed June 2014, 144.5" x 144.5". Machine pieced and quilted, donated fabric.


Quilt III: A Partial Listing


Theme: This quilt examines examines the statistical data on lynching and racial violence, which is often murky and incomplete, as it has unfolded over the past 100+years. Exploration of Mass Incarceration and victims of police shootings have now been incorporated into the quilt.

Description: In progress. Sewing resumes in December 2016.


How to Participate: Accepting red, white, blue and black fabric, as well as beads for the quilt.

Quilt V: The Making Quilt


This quilt explores the communal aspect of healing after tragedy. 


Status: In progress. 


Quilt IV: Failed State, To Be Determined


This quilt explores the paradox of theory vs. reality in terms of the politics and ideological framework concerning the larger context in which lynching and racial/ethnic violence began and continues to exist in America.

Status: In progress. Almost finished!. ETA December 2016.


Quilt VI: Memoria: In Progress


On-going.This is a memorial project to the documented and undocumented victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States beginning in 1865. 


Status: On going installation. Please contact here in order to schedule an exhibition your community. Adaptable for space and 


The Lynch Quilts Project
The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt VI: The Ties that Bind

This quilt explores the complex history between black, brown and red commuinities, as well as how healing these histories can be used as a vehicle for collective healing and collective power to fight the current and continual systems of racial inequity, injustice and oppression experienced by these communities. 


Status: In Progress.



The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt VIII: All Around the World the Same Song


This quilt explores the impact of anti-black racism world wide. 


Status: In progress. Images are still forming.

The Lynch Quilts Project
Quilt IX: 100 Years of Black Boyhood

This quilt explores the collision course of state violence and black boyhood.


Status: In progress.

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